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The R&B of The Attention impressed in the festival in Castellón between proposals for hard rock

Friday, March 4, 2011. In the second edition of Sixties Rock Weekend lots of guitars, hard rock, psychedelic shoots and a intense shock of rock and roll before and after were listened, in our humble opinion, the main stars of the night, The Attention. Stolen Jackets opened the evening, and despite not having a very extensive own repertoire, displayed a remarkable mostly instrumental mastery as regards their lead guitarist who delighted the audience playing guitar solos of seventies memorable beauty. The truth is that the band was very successful and offered all that was in his hand with a result to keep in mind to follow his steps beyond the appellants versions. Precisely in that chapter of topics outside, played from the deepest devotion, we could listen a strong Taxman, as well as other recreations, well focused, by the Kinks and Jimi Hendrix, among others.

The next band, Sweet Leef from Austria insisted on putting clocks back to the seventies informed and with irreproachable objectives. They got it through a show where no shortage of these pleasant but also disruptive hypnotic passages that culminated in a long and lysergic version of 'Dazed and Confused' by Led Zeppelin, perhaps too similar to the original and therefore runs the natural risk of not surpassing  the magic of its legendary creators as happened. In general, their performance was really good and ideal for lovers of intentionally hard riffs and the heaviness inherent in the style.

After their performance, appeared on stage at the Auditorium one of the best bands of R&B and Rock and Roll today, at least for us, as much their creativity, their mod attitude, as the  sixties style, and now, since I’ve seen and listened to them for the first time live on stage, with their energy and their  stage wisdom. We are referring, of course, to the also Austrians The Attention. The band was brimming with  art and strenght in abundance, so as to please his followers and to recruit even the most skeptical minds.

Each and every one of its musicians were great, especially its new frontman and main songwriter, Mario David, splendid, who charmed the audience with their successive barrages on the edge of the stage, even among the public, to get the complicity of boys and girls all admired to an excellent good-looking and impeccable presence. Anecdotally, it is noteworthy that his successive runs and push-ups, ended by tearing the trousers in the center seam of the crotch of a custom fitted suit. The incident did not cause any type of blush in Mario who  finally removed them shamelessly and stayed in underpants until his agent brought him another pair. While this story happened, still singing in the magic of  white R&B with those details of rock and roll of the fifties supported by skilled musicians, all of them also dressed with elegant costumes and vintage guitars. Together, they transported the audience to another time with ideas and projects with more than enough to secure  their own place even among their own myths of reference, who versioned, such as Ray Charles himself.

After the concert, and again thanks to the efforts of the organizers, and the essential support of our luxurious partner, Pat Sarrais, we interviewed Mario who told us where he gets his suits, what thinks his wife on their clothing, and which projects have his great band. That required interview, that we’ll publish later, forced us to miss much of the performance of Baby Woodrose. What we saw was their leader, an enormous Lorenzo, as in height as in their musical imagination. With his guitar and vocals, accompanied by a power trio a bit excessive at times, he delighted us with psychedelic passages that rose us from the ground;  guitar solos that went through our souls and sound developments which, we believe, more than one broke down in cosmic particles. Surely, there are other less vehement ways to explain it but we think that this is the most aproximate about the generic result.

After the live performances, DJ's of the festival as Chema Rey and Capitán Groovy, returned to select a good collection of sixties sounds for the enjoyment of the audience who could still absorb a few moments of frenzied dance. The day before played Dj 007 and Dj Galicia. It is also remarkable that in the room was projecting a visual show of Marcos Torres entitled “A todo color, a todo volumen” (translated "A full-color, full-volume") and near the scene of the Magic Box, Mari Carmen Blanch exhibited sixties themed paintings. Also, a panel reminded us photos of previous editions. Finally, we find one of the singers of The Confidents, Africa, and the singer of the Inéditos, Joan, both responsible for the Barcelona's Lullaby Vintage store where you can buy a number of sixties style objects that were also on sale in one of the stands of the festival.

It remains the third and last night where we hope to enjoy with eager, The Confidents and the following stars of a wonderful event to remember for many years. We also refer to the essentials Austrian, The Jaybirds but we will explain it in the next review.

Translated by Pat Sarrais

For more information about the festival, you can enter in the official website or read our interview with the data from the participating groups in this year.

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