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Sixties comes to an end with the captivating Chico Boom, The Confidents and Jaybirds,"los putos amos"

The Confidents

Saturday March 5, 2011. Sixties Rock Weekend finished with “los putos amos” (into English, the "fucking masters"), the immense Jaybirds, the  devoted Confidents  and Chico Boom saying goodbye to their project to start another one named Supersweet. The “metal team”, with peaked cap and italian hat included, was represented by the Imperial State Electric as a major focus for fans of the Hellacopters leader, who were preceded as a snack during the first concert of the night, by their friends and protected, the Italian Small Jackets. But long time before, late in the  morning in the grounds of the Castellon Auditorium gathered together about twenty scooters and some Minis for the exhibition and a subsequent  tour in the city and surrounding areas. Making the  day more pleasant, the local band Neil Jung played some  versions. The rain of previous days was responsible for the small assistance but those who were there, told  us that they enjoyed it a lot.

The Confidents
In the evening concerts began in the first place with Italians Small Jackets who fulfiled the greatest characteristics that define the most important groups of "heavy metal" joining details of Led Zeppelin with the riffs of AC/DC. Those who like that kind of so overwhelming exhibitionism, had a fabulous time, but those who are indifferent to that style, had to wait for the next performance to steep themselves in less aggressive sounds again.

The Confidents, from Barcelona, appeared on stage at the Magic Box to go back, with an elegant and well structured and  creative lifestyle of women's groups, with soloist, chorus and band accompaniment, in the late fifties and early sixties. The R&B, Rock and Roll, Pop, Beat, Mersey or Surf  were combined with charming versions and original songs that got the first dance steps of an audience that was joining the festival. Confidents, in despite of being a group whose members are not just in an age rage  to start projects without caring results for long-term,  are a fresh band, who cares for their arrangements, the costumes of the singers and musicians, including the staging of the choreography own of that time with beautiful girls who didn’t stop dancing and smiling to the public.  Those characteristics make a gorgeous show up, very nice and great fun. Without doubt, one of the biggest attractions of the festival.

Chico Boom/Supersweet
And from charm to surprises. To speak about the Chico Boom concert, we must first recognize that this group from San Sebastián was not, in principle,  priority for us in the festival, but after listening to them in the Sixties, I can assure you that they were one of the best bands that performed. Their live was absolutely captivating, as so rightly were summed up by our colleague Pat, after the last of the chords. Around ten years since this band were not on a stage in Castellón. The Chico Boom were a trio: singer armed with a sharp guitar, no bass, with keyboards which filled the unspeakable, and an omnipresent drummer that broke the kick pedal. We were given a discharge of rock and roll with touches of punk, garage, psychedelia that deserved, beyond expectatives, the screaming, cheering and jumping from a public that connected with them and which did not mind to take part in their game of bending to the indications of a rabid and dedicated singer.

The Jaybirds
After the Chico Boom and their farewell to their previous project, came one of the most solid, intelligent and creative proposals in the sixties music international scene, The  Jaybirds, for which we’d need all the thesaurus, dreams and compliments to summarize the impact that we lived while they were playing. They are, without any doubt, "the fucking masters”, (“los putos amos”) a term that used its bassist with successive expressions into Spanish adjectives like "very good" (“muy buenos”) or  we are the "cock" (“somos la polla”) provided by the singer. To try to define how these great Jaybirds sounded, we could dip into the imagination and think how could have sounded our myths of the sixties. Their  concert was coordinated, almost  millimetred in their instrumental and rhythmic inputs. The bass was great, virtuous, guitar didn’t stop  rounding the chords with sour frills, the drummer was firm and very sure to not to allow a single trip, and the singer put the icing on the cake with his powerful voice and an harmonica that was beyond the anecdotal.

The Jaybirds
The Jaybirds are much more that a "sixties" band, they are a group of songs, of tremendous and beautiful songs, which exceed the inescapable parameters of R&B to build their own  microcosm where the melody is the main source of expression, the rhythms are greased springs  for our feet and  the continuous "crescendos" get an extraordinary climax that shakes and stirs the senses. After the live show, we finally got a much-desired interview with the band, again with the help of the organization and its attentive press officer.

If they had succeeded in charming us with their music,  in the dressing room was also confirmed that these people are excellent, helpful, courteous and an exquisite treatment. As a sign of how special the moment was, we’d like to share with you just a couple of details as anecdote: During the concert, in the middle of the wild effervescence of R&B, the guitarist noticed that the VOX letters of the amp were crooked. Well, he didn’t hesitate to place them correctly without ceasing to play a few riffs that put our hairs like hooks. Undoubtedly, a detail that gives a sign of the ideal of perfection which is part of their artistic and personal career. The second story was excelent and it was produced during the interview, again directed and focused with our business partner interviewer, Pat Sarrais. At one point in the conversation, we asked them about their career, if after successive hits on the “sixties” scene they thought that they had already created a certain "Jaybirds School" that the groups with style "sixties" have Jaybirds as a point of referente. Faced with such questions, in some ways uncomfortable to the humble or perfect for the vain, the interviewee looked to us somehow perplexed and they answered, hesitating, with another question: Are you referring to the Spanish groups?. At that time, we thought: If only were the Spanish groups ... Undoubtedly, the "fucking masters", are kind and extremely generous.

The Jaybirds
In ecstasies with an interview that was so special and which we’ll reproduce in future deliveries, we missed the perform that closed the festival: the Imperial State Electric, during which they were a lot of dangling horns to the rhythm of a guitar ready to be generous with the energetic, eager and noisy fans,  this important part of an audience that had come to the festival only to see them and probably helped a bit better to reconcile the accounts of the organization. With their presence filled three-quarters of the room which,  one day, and we believe that this day will not be hard to get, will be filled with over a thousand people that could fit perfectly.

The Jaybirds, Pat & Alex Magic Pop
One last play with the DJ's Captain Groovy and Toni Valer-Oh, that served as soundtrack for saying good bye to the festival and to the last night but not before greeting new acquaintances as responsible for the blog “Yo ya te lo dije”, or friends who were already mentioned in previous reviews, and DJ's Ham'a'Cuckoos, or Robert Abella, author of the book Mod Revival, with whom we exchanged some views about the best and not so much of the event, among other things. We had even time to interview the singer of Sweet Leef with who we could talk at the last minute.

Hugs and kisses of farewell were the last feelings of a festival that has been perfect in spite of not sharing or vibrate with all that was audible on stage. Thanks to the impeccable organization, which has already begun to work on the next edition, the creativity, vitality and friendliness of the bands has ensured that the third edition of this festival of Castellón, more and more international, is a compelling reason to demonstrate, even the most incredulous, that the sixties sounds are very much alive and we with them, which is not a small thing. Until next year, will be there to enjoy it and tell you with great detail.

Translated by Pat Sarrais

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  1. Àlex, qué envidia. Bueno, aunque mitigada por lo bien que nos has sabido transmitir lo allí vivido. Es una enorme alegría ver que aún hay gente con gusto para promover este tipo de festivales.

  2. Gracias por el comentario Ander. He vivido momentos especiales en mi vida, pero pocos, muy pocos, tan intensos como este pasado fin de semana. Un abrazo.

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